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Meet the Team

Collaborative Leadership

The Third Choice (T3C) has been developed and refined by individuals all across the country who are eager to model a new approach within culture. Many of these individuals are engaged in nonprofit work, fundraising, marketing, and cultural engagement in their own communities, but remain heavily involved in driving and innovating this discussion. The primary voice and spokesperson for T3C works in collaboration with a diverse group of visionary thinkers throughout the nation, drawing from diverse perspectives, localities, and platforms of influence.

The Team


Josh McGrath

Founder & Director

Josh is the creative behind The Third Choice (T3C). After graduating with degrees in Piano Performance and Music History & Theory, the notion that he’d be engaged in innovating a new conversation surrounding pregnancy decisions was the furthest thing from his mind. But in 2014, when he started Viable Options (a nonprofit organization serving women and men facing pregnancy decisions), all of that changed. Over his tenure as CEO, a unique and innovative model to pregnancy care was developed and launched, and the principles of T3C were discovered.

After establishing a sustainable nonprofit model in his own small town, Josh launched T3C as its own initiative, transcending the four walls of a brick-and-mortar. He is now actively engaged in bringing the principles of T3C to a national platform—presenting on the approach across the US and training individuals, organizations, and communities to walk out a new response to those in their own lives facing a pregnancy decision. 

An idea can change the status quo, turn a culture upside-down, and set in motion events that will leave the world forever changed. It needs only to be planted, embraced, and shared.

If you are excited about T3C and want to use your voice, influence, and resources to bring it to a greater platform, get in touch! Invite Josh out to speak at a conference, workshop, church, or community event. Interview him for your podcast, column, or blog. Whatever your resources or influence, you can start changing the conversation in your community today.

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